Defeating the purpose?!

I have loved starting this blog! Really loved it! And I am looking forward to writing more posts, but something has occurred to me over the last few days.

I have been tentatively telling my friends and family that I have been writing a blog, and they, as lovely people would, have asked to read it. But I say no!

I tell myself this is because I am ‘just starting out and getting to grips with writing a blog, setting it up, finding my ‘sound’ 😋 etc…’ but I think the real reason, if I am completely honest, is that I’m scared they won’t think it is very good.

But the reason for this blog is to try things and not to worry that they might fail. And if I wait (as I want to do) until it is perfect or very near perfect, then I’ll never let them read it!

So…. there’s lots of mistakes but hope you enjoy anyway!



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