A Little Extra Goodness

This week I made double the amount of bread in my wholemeal bread recipe as we were running very low! I have four loaf tins but only three are the same size, the other one is a lot smaller.

So after the first rise, I split the dough into roughly three equal bigger amounts and one smaller. The maths involved in weighing it made my brain hurt, so I must say I didn’t attempt it, I just did it by eye! But anyway, I ended up with one smaller mound of dough and three larger but equal ones. The larger ones went into the larger loaf tins.

I felt a bit sorry for the small one (!) but, I had an idea – yay! I got some rolled oats and some sunflower seeds and sprinkled them on the counter top, and then kneaded the dough on top. Then as I worked it through I kept adding more as I felt it needed it. I put it in the loaf tin and let it rise, and baked it as normal.


The result was a super tasty, crunchy (and even healthier?!) wholemeal bread. It’s a quick and simple addition that made a nice change. I’m glad I tried it!



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