Sourdough September

I recently heard about Sourdough September. I came across it on Twitter and to be honest, a whole month celebrating the power of sour? Yum! I’m in.


It’s run by the Real Bread Campaign and it’s based out of the UK. You can learn all about it on their website here. The idea is to raise awareness about all things good and nutritious involving sourdough bread, and to encourage people to bake and/or eat real sourdough.

Their website has tonnes of information about sourdough and tips for how to make it. Well worth a read. If you are in the UK there are also lots of events in bakeries, baking schools and at food festivals. And there are even some events in other countries.

Not being in the UK, I think I’ll use Sourdough September to hone my sourdough skills and to try out different ways of using sourdough…apparently it makes a good pizza base. It can’t hurt to try…!

Want to make sourdough? There’s some great recipes online. I’m still learning but check out my 8 Top Tips for Sourdough Success.





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